aBOUT savvy sports Inc.

Tired of drafts?  Tired of watching players on game day instead of teams?  Do you prefer to watch games and win money the old fashion way?  Does rooting for a guy on a team you don’t want to win frustrate your viewing enjoyment?  Enjoy competing with your friends in a league? Then Savvy Sports is for you.


Create your own custom leagues, invite your friends, and set the buy in.  Or join Savvy Sports’ public leagues and compete with more people for larger pools of money.


Every week you get 10,000 points to play with.  You pick the winners of the games vs the spread and place points based on how confident you are in your picks.  The more confident in your predicted outcome, the more points you would play.  You must play every game.  There is a minimum amount of points that can be played on each game.  The number of points you win each week is added to your season total.  The top totals at the end of the season win money.



Savvy Sports also gives you a bonus to play each week for more points.  Pick the total number of points in the game of the week and earn up to 5,000 more points.  For every point, up or down, your guess is from the total points scored in the game, you loose 1,000 points off the possible 5,000.  If you are 5 or more points off, no bonus is scored.


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Orin Romain

Atlanta, GA

“I played Savvy Sports Football for the first time in 2015. The rules were easy, I followed the games the traditional way, and I won.”

Chris Forenza

Atlanta, GA

“I beat all my friends in our private league and took my girl to the Orange Bowl this year with the winnings.  Can’t wait until next season!”

Courtney Waldron

Atlanta, GA

“My office had a league this year and it was a blast.  We are all extremely big sports fans, but don’t want to or have time to keep up with all those players in fantasy football.  This was so much easier and fun.”

Brian Schoepflin

Nashville, TN

 “Played in a league with a bunch of my college buddies this year.  Was a blast to keep up with and compete with them.  Uncle B took home the gold!”

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 About the Founder


Travis Koehler is an Atlanta native and a life long sports enthusiast.  He always liked the camaraderie of fantasy football, but never enjoyed watching the games that way.  He didn’t like rooting for players on teams he didn’t like, or were playing his team.  He didn’t like following games just because of a kicker.  He would rather just watch the games the way they were intended, and play against the spread.  So he formulated a way to win money while watching the games the traditional way with his friends.







When he is not working or watching sports, he can be found outside with his dog Rosie.  He loves the outdoors and can be found on the trails of the north Georgia mountains quite often.  He’s gym rat and enjoys the exhaustion.  In some ways he can’t escape the fact that his playing days are done.  He loves to compete.